The Shelter

by Talia Caradus

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released November 29, 2011

Produced and recorded by Matt Caradus.
All songs and recordings copyright to Talia Caradus and Matt Caradus
Photography and album art by Simon Higgs



all rights reserved


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Talia Caradus Dunedin, New Zealand

Talia lives in Dunedin and spends most of her time writing and performing music. She discovered a passion and talent for song writing at the age of 15 and has been writing songs ever since. She often works with her brother Matt Caradus with whom she has recorded two albums so far. Her music carries an intensity of passion which is reinforced by her emotive vocal style and distinctive accent. ... more

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Track Name: The Shelter
In this cave i have stayed for so long
I have waited when others have gone
and i know here that no love can grow
but at least here my heart will be whole,

I'm awake in the night
count the days as they come
and i pray for a sign
that the war has been won

I will never resent this cold place
for it gave me a home after mine went to waste
i have painted the walls with my hope
etched in them are the words that i wrote,
Track Name: Stay tonight
You don't speak, like the way you used to
I'm confused by how
your actions and your words don't meet up
You don't smile, like the way you used to
I am wondering if
you know what you want and what you don't,

Should i stay tonight
will tomorrow find you gone
wake up to a silent light
say i knew that this would happen all along,

I don't cry, like the way i used to
when i feel you drifting
I've become accustomed to myself
I don't need, you the way i used to
when i fall i've found that
i don't need you here to help me up,
Track Name: Wherever you are
I was so quiet, while you were lying here
I never mentioned, my heart was weak and i was scared
that you would go and leave me stranded here
that you would shine without me,

Even though your memory's fading
and even though your thoughts grow thin
wherever you are you're etched like a scar
permanently on my skin
I could fight away these feelings
I could chase away the hope
but wherever you are you're locked in my heart
i could never let you go, never let you go

I wrote my letters, in hope that you'd reply
my will was broken, when i saw nothing arrive
don't stop my heart, from beating faster when i dream
you're hear in the dark,
Track Name: Carry you away
I can read your eyes
when you have no voice
and i know how easily you cry
when you have no joy

When you fake your smile
and you try to please
I can see you're tired where you stand
on those aching weary feet,

I'd like the wind to carry you alone
Steal away your sorrows
I'd like the wind to carry you away
where your fears won't follow

Can you hear me call
hear me call your name
turn your face towards me
you don't have to be afraid
Track Name: The way I am
Where did i go wrong,
i stayed strong so long
i made it so far this time
I was unaware, its the same old words
to the same old song, replaying in my head,

I'm wired this way
you can't expect that i will change
I am the way I am
I've made my peace
with the reflection that I see
Don't try to change me

The days they pass
but the nights they last
you can read it on my skin
and the words i speak, fallen broken at my feet
so obsolete, so empty

You've started a war
and you won't leave until you are victorious
you are victorious now
Track Name: Until you found me
Broken words fall down on me so hard
and always leave a mark, i cannot seem to heal
things i can't let go wearing me down
and no one else around, can see the state i'm in

I was lost until you found me

Speaking words that no one understood
I thought no one ever would, i was losing faith
Trepidation growing like a fire
burning my desires, it took my dreams away

I was lost until you found me

Broken down, you led me out
Losing hope, you let it grow
Track Name: Rooftops
More than one side to each story
more than one face to me
as far as i know this mask may never show
the beauty concealed underneath

The world it sees what it wants to
never observes what i should
as far as i know the truth may never grow
i can't help but wish that it would

So we hang our feet from the rooftops
and sing to the crowds
in a prayer, that someone would hear us
that we would be found

Each word has multiple meanings
mine are no different to them
the things that i say seem to fade into grey
when i repeat them again

The world it hears what it wants to
never absorbs what i say
the more i'm declined, the more i'm resigned
to leave it to have it's own way

When will you come
turn the blazings of guns into peace
though you're ignored
the world's never been more in need
Track Name: Hold on
Fear, it has chased me
it has embraced me
and made me scared
Fear, told me to hide here
whispered her lies into my eyes

But i will hold on, i will hold on to you

Time, turned my scratches
into scars so
i was healed
But now, they've reopened
and i feel broken
broken again

But i will hold on, i will hold on to you
Track Name: Light up the skies
I can see you, i have been like this before
I can hear you, i have been the one ignored
I have cowered, in the same shadows you have
I was devoured, by the same self-doubt you had

Sing and light up the skies
please don't hold back, please don't hold back
Sing you light up my eyes
please don't hold back, please don't hold back now

I was broken, so i know the road seems hard
i was healed so, i can help erase your scars
I have hidden, from the world when mine fell apart
I was speaking, words of lies to protect my heart